Egina Initial Field Work

In late February in the midst of 45 degree temperatures, we conducted a short field visit to the Egina Project.

The goal of the visit was to have a look around for a few hours before the temperature became prohibitive. To make some initial observations and to validate some of the targets we had generated remotely.

The area is incredibly flat. From the centre of our tenement using an amateur drone you can see the area Novo is trenching to the west and the Womerina alluvial prospect to the east. This location in between two known alluvial gold occurrences was the basis for our initial tenement application.

This very brief reconnaissance trip was made worth it once we identified the presence of gravels at surface. (One of our concerns before the visit was perhaps prohibitive thickness of sand cover)

Just before we left we decided to pan off a sample from a very poor drainage that had some gravel accumulation. The result shocked us, with over 70 very fine gold colours in the pan.

Gold in pan sample taken, coarse pieces are easily visible, there are many more fine gold particles. We stopped counting at 70.

Finding gold at surface at the mid-point between the Egina and Womerina alluvial gold occurrences lends credence to the potential for widespread gold bearing gravels in this area as postulated by Novo Resources.

Furthermore expanding on this finding will be low cost and rapid, involving further panning and pitting at selected areas.

Once the weather allows!

For detailed notes and a plan view download the exploration overview: